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  1. Replying to @GOZENHost

    @GOZENHost thanks for your suggestion, it's already in our list and will be available soon.

    25 Nov 2015
  2. If you have any suggestions for the next updates, let us know.

    18 Sep 2015
  3. We have just updated Porto Admin. Check the changelog for more information.

    18 Sep 2015
  4. Porto is the best seller HTML Site Template on ThemeForest, 12.000+ sales.

    21 Nov 2014
  5. Replying to @GeoffBowen

    @geoffblog@scroofjuice I already did that, but no answer so far. Sorry. I'll let you guys know as soon as I get a response. Thanks.

    6 Nov 2014
  6. Replying to @GeoffBowen

    @geoffblog@scroofjuice I don't understand why it's taking so long too. I'm really sorry about that.

    6 Nov 2014
  7. Replying to @GeoffBowen

    @geoffblog@scroofjuice@Spyropress Hello, yes, the theme was submitted and is pending approval. Thanks.

    5 Nov 2014
  8. Replying to @GeoffBowen

    @geoffblog@scroofjuice@Spyropress Hey, the Wordpress version of Porto is being update and will be available as soon as it gets approved.

    4 Nov 2014
  9. @BastianVelandia Hey, actually no plans for a Drupal version of it at this moment.

    25 Aug 2014